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Fine art requires to be handled with proper care. Without the best mover and packer service, it is challenging to relocate the fine art. OMX Packers and Movers Pvt. Ltd. understand the importance of the artwork. We have the right tools and material to shift the fine art to your destination. After purchasing the art pieces and hire our service to relocate them without trouble. We have experienced experts to provide the first-class service. We will guarantee the fine art is hassle-free, safe that the art will stay its normal condition.

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What are the fine art handling services we offer?

We are professional art movers that relocate the artwork around the world. We offer comprehensive art relocating solutions for different artworks, such as exhibitors, fairs, private collectors, etc. Our professional team will understand every piece of fine art is costly and unique. The following are some of the fine art handling services we offer to our customers:

  • Export and import customs formalities service s
  • Door to door service
  • Professional packing, transport, and installation service
  • Insurance service
  • Special storage for fine art

Our expert works with the client to develop and design a plan that meets the client's needs.

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This depends on many factors, such as the time of year, weather conditions, size of your shipment, time required to load and unload, and the direction and distance your shipment is travelling. Because the furnishings of the average household will not fill a van, it is often necessary for two or more shipments to be loaded on the same van. Each shipment is carefully sectioned off from the others. With the help of our state-of-the-art sales and logistics system, pickup and delivery dates are scheduled according to the origins and destinations of individual shipments on the van. In case, your material fits the size of regular truck or trucks it will take only the transit time for the destination.

OMX Packers and Movers
OMX Packers and Movers