Pet Relocation

Relocating pets such as cats and dogs are a more technical process than you may think. We want to help our customers and stay away from the hassles involved in pet relocation. We specialize in arranging the animal cargo and fright so that your pet travels comfortably and securely from door to door.

At OMX Packers and Movers Pvt. Ltd., we arrange all the required documentation to be completed for the animal cargo or fright process right from the starting to ending. As we are up-to-date about all the travel documents and requirements needed for the animal's transportation, we ensure your pets' smooth and safe journey.

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Pet relocation has a specific standard set of regulations and procedures, followed by shipping pets. We have the expert team in this field and accomplish the task correctly and efficiently, along with the care.

We transfer pets throughout the country within your budget, and we do anything to fulfill your needs. We have the professional experience and skills to work with pets. We arrange safe transportation for your pets so that you can get peace of mind and experience the best relocation experience. Call us once to get the quote for the pet relocation!

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